The Three Rs of Home Renovations

The Three Rs

The Three R’s of Home Renovations are the major adversaries of any home remodelling that every homeowners must be conversant with.

In today’s world, renovation and housing start-ups alike, can no longer be underestimated as there is no limit to homeowners increasing the energy performance of housing without having the understanding of the three Rs.


The three Rs – of home renovations and remodelling are repair, refurbish, & rebuild


1. Repair and Maintain


Repair is not to be compared to replacement, the term is usually synonymous to the cheapest and easiest way to renovate a property such as cleaning, repairing, gutter cleaning, soffits fascia repairs, parging repairs and various handyman services. A repair is a simple action taken to fix or amend faulty property from further damage.

In a nutshell, repairs and maintenance does only require slight task with minimal responsibility considered an elbow grease jobs. This is the best option for those homeowners seeking to improve property value.


2. Refurbish and Enhance


Refurbish is the most predominant phrase within the premise of renovation, redecoration, revamp, recondition and above all make over.

It is the most common form of renovating, which involves stripping out old fittings and fixtures like repair of exterior siding, gutters cleaning, decks and fences replacement, window capping thus revamping in a more appealing and enhanced style.

In this category of three R’s, there are no structural alterations and renovations usually do not require any council approvals or major building works. It is believed to be the most visually appealing and effective form of renovations, but still leaving one property cure out – rebuilding the structural faults


3. Rebuild

This is the last piece of the three R’s and homeowners at all cost wouldn’t like to be part of this, if not for something serious and untenable arise, that requires a total dismantling and reassembling of the existing property.

Rebuild is usually involves demolition or rebuilding of something like  windows, decks & fences. Rebuilds are by far the most expensive and difficult renovations to execute or deal with, but with planning and professional renovators at hand, it can be done and achieved smoothly within short period of time.

But don’t be deceived, rebuilds are inevitably in nature if there are major structural faults or damage to be fixed.


Making Decision from The Three R’s of Renovations

As a homeowner, making the right decision from one of the three R’s of renovations might a little bit of a challenge, but the best way to go through the renovating challenges is to

  • Know what you want and need
  • Be creative with your budget – guesstimate, estimate and make a move
  • Consider time is a valuable X-factor
  • Schedule and program your renovation idea with time and budget

Remember, every renovation varies depending on the extend of choice of refurbishment, reparation and rebuild of the affected property.