Bungalow Renovations Service

Our bungalow renovations and remodeling service are tailored towards repairing and maintaining, refurbishing and enhancing, and a complete rebuilding of your property which may range from repairing fascia & soffits to installing siding exterior.

Alberta building team of professionals simply gives your home a good spring clean that will improve a property and make it more valuable than ever before.

Major Bungalow Renovations Activities

We understand every property requires a level of renovation, so all homeowners do have different desires and needs for change for their property, as well as different budgets bracket. We recognize this, and no matter what you need to improve a property, you can rest assured it can be done safely and affordably.

Check out the frequently asked questions to guide you before you kick start your next home improvement.

  • Inspecting & repairing of roof
  • Repairing wood fascia and soffits
  • Repairing and cleaning of gutters
  • Repairing and replacing of chimney caps
  • Removing and replacing siding & trim
  • Repairing stucco
  • Patching holes
  • Roof shingles repair and replacement
  • Parging repair and replacement
  • Applying primer and paint
  • Rebuilding concrete steps
  • Exterior painting
  • Wall & roof insulation replacement