Window Capping

Window capping and doors and other wooden elements of your house is essential way to prevent continuous maintenance without breaking your budget.

Protecting or trimming of windows gives your existing window more energy efficient to extend the life of an existing building, to give it a second life while limiting its impact on your home.

Available Capping

You can have either Aluminum capping or Vinyl brick-moulds. Painted aluminum covers wood and preserves it for years to come. And the best thing is it’s maintenance-free so you will never have to paint again! We have a wide range of colours to satisfy every taste for renovating service offer.

Why Capping of Window is Important?

  • Capping is a window protective feature for homeowners seeking for weather-proof layer to protect any existing window frames in dire state from water infiltration into the building.
  • If done properly and by professional like Biz Building Services LTD, you can provide marginal increase in energy-efficiency and maintenance free without without changing the outward appearance of your
  • It upgrades old and leaky windows to match your existing windows adding a decorative accent to your home.
  • It reduces cost of future paint maintenance you may have possibly incurred if perhaps ignore.

Improving Window Operation

Installing Window Sashes

Repairing Storm Window

Window Maintenance

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Capping of Windows