Handyman Services

Handyman service is the cheapest way to renovate your property which includes deck finishing & repair, finished carpentry, window capping. Our team of trained handymen performs a range of maintenance tasks for homeowners seeking to do some miscellaneous concrete repairs, repair and clean gutters, clean and remodel spaces and perform some repair assessments.

Repair & Maintenance

Bungalow exterior maintenance and repair

Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Fascia, siding  and wall & roof insulation replacement and repair

Cleaning and Fixing

Fixing of damage gutters, parging repair and replacement and more

Safe You Time & Money

Affordable in dealing with some quick maintenance tasks.

handyman services
handyman services edmonton

Our handyman services are limited to a quick fix and repair such as cleaning of gutters, siding peeling, trimming, roof shingles repair, stucco repairs and any quick maintaining tasks you want fast.

Handyman services do perform a specific and quick task, but complete renovation, however, depends on what you try to do to a property and which basically may be

  • Repair and maintain – this is cheaper and fall under handyman service
  • Refurbish and enhance – this cost more
  • Rebuild – cost even more than refurbishment.