Soffits and Fascia

Soffits are protective panels that span the area between the fascia and the side of the house.

Fascia and soffits add a finished look to your roof and enhance a healthy roof  system. A well-ventilated soffit system prevents moisture from building up under your roof and sometimes in the attic.

If your old soffits is becoming detached from the eaves of your house, it is creating a space for birds, animals, and insects to get into your house. Don’t postpone this repair and get in touch with us today.

Why You Need to Maintain Soffits?


Close off the eaves area beneath the roof overhang

Protective Panel

They are protective panels between the fascia and the side of your house.


Promotes the healthy roof system and prevents moisture from building up.

soffits repairs

What is Soffit?

Soffits and fascia add finished look to your roof and is an exterior architectural
feature that close off the eaves area beneath the roof overhang.

Why You Need Soffits and Fascia

  • Soffit is a part of attack ventilation system and directly affect ice damming on the end of a roof
  • It promotes a healthy roof system
  • It sustainably improving the performances of the building and
    the comfort of occupants while minimizing energy needs
  • It serves as a protective panels that prevent the exposure of rafter beams

How to Repair Wood Fascia?

  • Remove gutters, shingle moldings, and add mounted items on the fascia
  • Pry off the damaged fascia board with pry bar
  • Set the right tool such as circular saw and rip off the damaged portion of the fascia board.
  • Set the patch board in place and drill pilot holes through both fascia boards into the rafter.

How to Repair Wood Panel Soffits?

  • Remove the support moldings that hold the soffits in place along with fascia and exterior wall
  • Remove the damaged soffit section
  • Apply the new soffit material similar to the panel
  • Attach the replacement panel
  • Re-attach the soffit molding using siliconized acrylic caulk

Repair Soffits

Looking to protect and prevent your house roof system to last for a very long time